Process Development

With a combined experience of 30 years of process design, development and operation , AD Technologies is capable of providing expert knowledge on all aspects of sludge treatment processes. These are some of the examples of the range of projects undertaken:

  • Development of the Acid Phase Digestion (APD) pre-treatment process from concept to full-scale operational plant. Process improvement advice, reconfiguring existing plant to run in the APD mode.
  • Development from concept to operational plant of a novel "Powdered-lime Into Liquid Sludge"  process. Design, commissioning and operational experience of the process. Two fullscale plants have been built based on this concept.
  • Development of multi-stage secondary digestion process providing robust digested sludge compliance with several operational installations.
  • Assessment of thermal pre-treatment processes on difficult to treat residuals (e.g., waste activated sludge, MSW residuals) and their subsequent digestibility assessment. AD Technologies are equipped with facilities to carry out pilot plant tests in temperature range of 50 to 180 o C.

Contact Information

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